LPG Conversion

Lower fuel bills + advanced engine performance

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Get cheaper fuel
+ extend your touring range
Less fuel stops
(reach discount fuel stations)

Save up to
50% without compromising performance
New technology available
for petrol engines

Boost your power, economy and reliability
Superior systems +
warranty for diesel engines

Protect and maintain
your engine
Autogas burns cleaner –
less engine wear than other fuels

Autogas is
Autogas is non-corrosive,
non-toxic and lead free

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Is LPG right for me?

LPG is about half the price of petrol or diesel and can deliver more power with less harmful emissions. What's more, the Government offers you up to $2,000 for converting your vehicle to autogas.

Fuel prices will rise

Recent news articles predict petrol and diesel prices are set to skyrocket as uncertainty over fuel supplies meets growing world demand. Now is the perfect time to install your autogas system from LPG Conversion Direct.

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Get the best value LPG conversion in Australia

Buy direct from the supplier

Cut out the middleman and get the best prices, on-going support and professional advice.

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Fit the right system for your vehicle

LPG Conversion Direct designs and imports a huge range of superior petrol and diesel conversion systems for almost every make and model.

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Find the best installer

Use our national buying power to find a quality installer near you. All of
our autogas systems are backed by a solid 3-year warranty on parts, labour and engine.

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