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4WDs and the Environment

Posted by admin | 13 December 2011

Do you want your 4WD to have less impact with emissions.  A gas system for your petrol or diesel could be the solution.  Cleaner burning so emission levels are significantly reduced.  Don’t fret about what your 4WD is doing to the Environment, invest in the future and in a gas system.

When will the opposition to 4WDers end?

4WDing is a popular Aussie past time. But these days, 4WDers are struggling to keep their head above water when it comes to improving their image in the eyes of the media.

The ABC, in almost a yearly practice, investigates and reports the damage 4WDers have on the coastal environment. This of course creates a roll-on effect that encourages a knee-jerk reaction of Parks services in every state around the nation to lock the gates.

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