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Nissan Creates Local Jobs

Posted by admin | 16 December 2011

More jobs for Australians is always good news and the fact that another major car manufacturer is basing part of their operation locally shows that they have faith with the state of the vehicle industry in Oz.

Nissan has made the decision to create a local manufacturing facility for its tow bars, sport bars and nudge bars in Australia.

Based in Dandenong VIC, the new facility will create 20 new full-time jobs at the Nissan Casting Plant. Previously, Nissan used a local supplier for all castings, which then sent jobs overseas to Asia.

The casting plant will involve high- and low-pressure die casting and is forecast to produce around two million alloy castings over the following year. The Aussie plant will export most of its tow bar castings to Japan, Thailand, Mexico and the US.

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