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Petrol vs Diesel Debate

Posted by admin | 16 December 2011

Whether you prefer a petrol or diesel vehicle you should look at improving performance & fuel economy with a LPG installation.  We can convert both types so look into this and you will not be disappointed!!

For those 4WDers out there with a diesel, you’ll know all too well the costs associated with keeping your truck in fighting condition on the tracks.

If you pick up 4WD Action issue 174, on page 151 we’ve given you the inside spread into the running costs of a diesel compared to a petrol. To some, this is a very black and white matter, but definitely one that needs to be brought to the table.

We compared the 1HD-FT turbo-diesel and 1FZ-FE petrol engines, and nutted out exactly how much it’s going to cost you.

How much does your 4WD cost you?

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