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Total Attraction

Posted by admin | 8 December 2011

People often have great inspiration on how to improve their vehicles by modifying or adding features.  This GQ is a definite head turner & we love the idea of how this has been achieved to make the Patrol more adaptable to different conditions.
Believe it or not, this GQ was originally intended to be a family tourer, but we suppose that is the path a lot of 4WDs take. Dad buys it to take the family 4WDing, but some mates invite him down to their farm in Cooma. Down the back somewhere, the tracks get a little tough and Dad puts a few dents in the rear panels. But instead of taking the family 4WD down to the panel shop, or just wearing those dents with pride, he plugs in the 9in grinder and lops off the back. All of a sudden, our family tourer is a full-blown comp truck.

read more (http://www NULL.4wdaction

Read More (http://www NULL.4wdaction