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What’s Wrong With the Old One?

Posted by admin | 5 December 2011

We love this idea of the old style 4WD’s.  They were counted on as reliable and they could take you off the beaten track.  If you are looking at improving your older 4WD than please contact us to find out about options available for improved driveability and much, much more!!

What’s with these new 4WDs that are coming out today?

Take the brand-new streamline 4WDs – sales for these things have gone through the roof in every country that has citizens with a spare $50,000.

What happened to the engineers who started designing 4WDs with nothing but a big dirty diesel engine and a ruler? Are they still around?

Salesmen dish out sentences like ‘quiet on the road’ and ‘fuel efficient’. That’s great for the future, but let’s live in the past for a while, what do you reckon?

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