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4WD Wagon vs Utes

Posted by admin | 11 January 2012

Whether you prefer the Ute or Wagon there is no doubts that either will be improved by fitting a LPG system.  With better driveability, fuel savings, more power this would be the best option for your vehicle 

This is an age-old debate: how does a 4WD wagon stack up against a 4WD ute?

When it comes to buying a budget 4WD, you need to consider a few things, touring vs hardcore 4WDing, petrol vs diesel, but more specifically wagon vs ute. Here at the 4WD Action office, we own a combination of the two, so arguments for and against come thick and fast.


• Utes obviously don’t carry as much weight when empty. Less glass and body panels.

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Read More (http://www NULL.4wdaction