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4WDs Not Suitable for Ethanol Petrol

Posted by admin | 27 January 2012

Getting autogas LPG installed on your vehicle could save you so much hassle and save you money!!!  If your vehicle isn’t able to use the new mix of petrol than gas is your answer and even if it will be able to autogas would still be a better solution.  Contact us and find out why

With the new laws to make E10 compulsory for all NSW pumps to come into place soon, The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries have released a list of those 4WDs that are unsuitable to the 90% Unleaded and 10% Ethanol Petrol blend.


Jimny (SOHC), Sierra, Vitara


4Runner & HiLux (pre-Aug 1997), LandCruiser; 80 Series, 75 Series, 60 Series, 40 Series, 45 Series,


Drover, Rodeo (pre-1986), Jackaroo (pre-1986)


All Raiders, 2.0L & 2.5L Couriers, All F-Series, All Mavericks

read more (http://www NULL.4wdaction

Read More (http://www NULL.4wdaction