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North-West Wandering

Posted by admin | 11 January 2012

You would need a powerful car to get through this kind of terrain.  If you are wanting to live the dream and explore the vast outback of Australia but aren’t sure if your vehicle has the power & torque required then call us and learn how you could improve that by up to 25% and make your 4 wheeler a touring dream!!

A month spent discovering the north-west of WA was just a dream, until we put it into reality!

In June 2009, we had just returned home from a three-week trip travelling around Thailand. It was then that we had decided our next holiday would be an Australian holiday ‘in our own backyard’. We had decided to put our money back into Australia’s economy and experience what the north-west had to offer.

We began basing the trip around the Gibb River Road, as it was something we had been dreaming about for a long time. After doing our research, we had agreed the best time to go would be around July to August.

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