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New Suzuki XA Promises to Dominate Off-Road

Posted by admin | 11 January 2012

Looking forward to seeing one of these in action as they are now competing with the likes of the Landcruiser & Patrol which have always been the most popular 4WD.  Big words from Suzuki but only time will tell

Suzuki has announced its new 4WD at the New Delhi Auto Show. The Suzuki XA will most likely replace the Jimny down the track.

When Suzuki promised it would have more off-road capabilities than its own Jimny and Vitara, you can bet we paid attention.

So far the XA is only a concept 4WD, but it sits 4m long with a wheelbase of 2.5m, which is conveniently placed between the Jimny (3.6m long with a 2.2m wheelbase) and the Grand Vitara (4.5m long with a 2.6m wheelbase).

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