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The Untouched Coast

Posted by admin | 31 January 2012

Beautiful country, perfect for a 4WD holiday.  Make sure that your vehicle will have the power & torque to reach all of these special spots in Australia.  Don’t miss out, get your 4WD converted and notice the difference!! 
Our Tasmanian adventure begins with very wet sand, and one of the best stretches of untamed rugged coastline you will ever see
When you work for 4WD Action, what do you do when you get your annual leave approved? Well, go on a 4WD adventure of course. The idea to head for the untamed west coast of Tasmania was born when halfway through February, our plans for an early Simpson crossing over April were looking bleak. With a heap of rain falling out west, we decided to weigh up the cost of some other iconic Aussie destinations.

After deciding against the Cape due to time constraints and wanting to travel further than the VIC High Country, the idea of Tassie was raised.

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Read More (http://www NULL.4wdaction