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The Complete Package

Posted by admin | 21 February 2012

There are so many added extras that people would like to fit to their 4WD.  Maybe you should look into fitting an LPG conversion to either your petrol or diesel vehicle.  A great modification that will result in added power & torque as well as fuel savings. 
The Toyota Prado is seen by a lot of 4WDers as the ‘mum’s taxi’ of the 4WD world. Sure, there are more getting round the suburbs as a family bus, but there are just as many, if not more, out there that are very capable 4WDs.

The 120 Prado would have to be rated as one of the best Prados made, as they are a great family wagon and also double as a great off-road vehicle. With a bit of barwork to keep the shiny panels intact and a locker in one or both ends, you get a 4WD that will keep up with the best of them.

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