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Holden Chooses Vapour over Liquid

Posted by jessica | 15 March 2012


Holden Chooses Vapour LPG System over Liquid

Read to find out why they believe the vapour system will suit motorists better


LPG injection system

At the very beginning of the LPG project, Holden engineers evaluated liquid and vapour-injection LPG systems. After preliminary research and building a proof of concept liquid injection prototype vehicle, it quickly became apparent that vapour injection was the only solution to achieving the program’s goals.

“Vapour injection provides lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions compared to liquid, while vapour also uses fuel more efficiently with fewer pumping and parasitic losses,” said Mr McMurray.

“Vapour systems are less mechanically demanding and therefore better suited to the varying grades of LPG fuel found across Australia.

“Vapour is also best suited to the Australian climate, with more consistent start-up in hot climatic conditions.”