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New petrol V8 for the LandCruiser

Posted by admin | 14 March 2012

We have converted so many of the v8 Landcruiser’s and will continue to do so as they work so well with LPG.  If you are looking at saving money with your Landcruiser contact us and we can let you know how much!!

Toyota has injected a new lease of life into its new petrol V8 engine for future GXL, VX and Sahara models.

The biggest change in the engine is its reduction in capacity from 4.7L to 4.6L and yet it still boasts an increase in power and torque. Power has increased by 12.9% to 228 kW and torque by 7.1% to 439Nm, that’s despite a 53cm3 reduction in engine capacity.

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