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Top Tips For Remote Touring

Posted by admin | 7 March 2012

Is this something that you are looking at doing?  The Australian National Parks are amazing and you need a hard working & reliable 4WD to get to some of the remotest and most beautiful locations.  Make sure your 4WD is up to the trip and look at our diesel/gas systems – will improve driveability, increase power & torque, improve economy & burns cleaner.  An ideal upgrade for all 4WD’s.

With the Simpson set to reopen on the 15th March, it’s about that time of year when you need to start preparing your 4WD and equipment for the epic across big red.

Our top tips:

• The bottom line is towing a trailer in the desert is dead weight, and more often then not acts as an anchor behind your 4WD. Some people do choose to tow a trailer but for the sake of some comfort it’s recommended to leave it at home.

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