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Two Tough

Posted by admin | 13 June 2012

We have converted quite a lot of the Land Rover models and they go great on LPG!! 
If you want to find out how your Land Rover could benefit contact us and find out about the extra power & torque gains while still saving on fuel costs.
Take your LandRover to the next level today

Think a Disco 2 can’t be a tough tourer? Think again

Land Rovers cop a fair bit of flak, but their owners are loyal to the core. Even then it takes a special type of 4WDer to take on a Discovery 2. Launched in 1998, the D2 was a serious innovator in the 4WD market, introducing Traction Control and Hill Descent Control to full-size fourbies.

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Read More (http://www NULL.4wdaction