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It’s A Gas!

Posted by admin | 21 August 2012

Not only are gas bottles safe but having an LPG vehicle is completely safe and will give you so many benefits as well.  Improved economy, extra power & torque, cleaner running & environmentally friendly.
In fact we are that sure that you won’t have an issue with your gas system we offer a 3 year parts. labour & ENGINE WARRANTY!!
Ever felt nervous around your gas cylinder? We dispel the myths and break through the haze surrounding gas bottles so you can be confident next time you head bush!
Well it’s time for that 4WD trip away into the wilderness where fast food outlets are few and far between. Without a McDonald’s restaurant to retreat to at the end of the day, you’re probably going to set up camp somewhere and prepare your own fantastic meal.

You’re probably going to be using one of the cleanest, environmentally friendly, efficient and portable forms of energy, Liquefied Petroleum Gas otherwise known as LPG.

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