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Racing Along The Ghan

Posted by admin | 21 August 2012

Always wanted to experience the true outback of Australia but aren’t sure that your 4WD would be up to the challenge.  Well with a diesel/gas conversion you can improve your power and torque whilst saving money on economy.
Contact us to see how we could improve your 4WD today and make the trip of a lifetime with ease!!
Challenge yourself with bottomless troughs of bulldust, visit pioneering legends, and get lost again in the wonders available on the western edge of Australia’s Simpson Desert
Last issue we travelled south from Alice Springs via the mathematical balance point of Australia, some historical graffiti at Chambers Pillar, and eventually ended up floating in the therapeutic waters of the Dalhousie Springs – in the middle of the desert!

Dalhousie Springs is an amazing place situated just south of Mount Dare on a terrible road that will shake the bolts off even the best-kept 4WD! The reward of soaking in 40°C spring water at the end of the drive is amazing and well worth the effort put into getting there!

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