Get cheaper fuel
+ extend your touring range
Less fuel stops
(reach discount fuel stations)

Save up to
50% without compromising performance
New technology available
for petrol engines

Boost your power, economy and reliability
Superior systems +
warranty for diesel engines

Protect and maintain
your engine
Autogas burns cleaner –
less engine wear than other fuels

Autogas is eco-friendly
Autogas is non-corrosive,
non-toxic and lead free

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More Power, Cleaner Running & Reduced Costs

Want to improve the performance, economy, touring range and operating life of your diesel vehicle?

A diesel/gas conversion from LPG Conversion Direct will suit any diesel engine – turbocharged or naturally aspirated, mechanical or electronic injection.

LPG is used to improve the combustion process, ensuring almost all diesel fuel injected is burnt. Most diesel engines have a burn rate of 75-85%, with the remainder of the diesel being burnt in the exhaust system and blown out as black smoke. Our system increases the burn rate by up to 95-98%!

And what’s more – autogas is approximately half the price of diesel and no engine modification is required.

Find out how you can benefit by converting your diesel vehicle to autogas, the savings you’ll make, and what kit will best suit your car.

have you ever been concerned about the smoke emitted from your vehicle? What you can see is partially-burnt carbon. If you want to live in a sustainable world and you are keen to reduce your fuel bills then is here to help.

There is more than one reason to consider a diesel conversion:

The fuel that your engine cannot burn leads to smoke production. While harmful to environment, it is also evidence of incomplete combustion, which is costing you money.

Vehicles with modern LPG systems are far more efficient than the best diesel motors. The most efficient diesel engines will burn up to 85 per cent of diesel used. By comparison, vehicles with a modern diesel to LPG conversion kit burn up to 98 per cent of all fuel! This means your engine will run smoother, be cheaper to operate and produce more power.

Next time you are at a petrol station take a glance at the price of diesel compared to LPG. It is possible to save up to 30% with a diesel conversion.

What’s more, you don’t need to bother about your existing engine type. has an efficient solution to convert any diesel engine – turbocharged or naturally aspirated, mechanical or electronic injection. No modification of your engine is required. A kit can be applied to your car’s engine easily and smoothly so you can start enjoying better performance and smaller fuel bills.

The benefits of a diesel conversion are overwhelming; for car owners as well as the environment.

Contact now! Their friendly and expert team can assist you select an effective autogas conversion system for your vehicle, find a skilled installer near you and provide a warranty that covers your installation, LPG conversion system, and your engine.