Get cheaper fuel
+ extend your touring range
Less fuel stops
(reach discount fuel stations)

Save up to
50% without compromising performance
New technology available
for petrol engines

Boost your power, economy and reliability
Superior systems +
warranty for diesel engines

Protect and maintain
your engine
Autogas burns cleaner –
less engine wear than other fuels

Autogas is eco-friendly
Autogas is non-corrosive,
non-toxic and lead free

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Big Fuel Savings + Environmentally Friendly

Are you worried about rising fuel prices and thinking about converting your new or used car to LPG?

You can lower your fuel bills and even boost engine performance with an autogas conversion from LPG Conversion Direct.

Autogas is approximately half the price of petrol or diesel. New systems that integrate with the engine management of your car deliver performance without compromise and outstanding fuel economy.

Find out how you can benefit by converting your petrol or diesel vehicle to autogas, the savings you’ll make, and what kit best suits your car.


Conventional fuels cannot meet the rising demand for petrol and diesel as the number of motor vehicles steadily increases across the globe. Natural supplies of crude oil are limited and so increasing demand for petrol and diesel is leading to soaring prices.

The world must look for alternates of petrol and diesel. provides a cost-effective solution for vehicle owners – convert to liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

Also known as “Autogas”, LPG is a popular alternative fuel because it produces less carbon emissions and is cheaper than petrol or diesel. 

Facts and Figures:

LPG is a mixture of propane and butane that produces about 30-35 percent less carbon dioxide when burned than petrol– and almost half that of diesel.

Carbon monoxide (an odorless but poisonous gas) is produced at almost a quarter of the rate using autogas than with petrol or diesel.

The fuel costs of LPG is only three-quarters that of regular diesel and nearly half that of petrol. Imagine of the savings you will get with LPG as fuel for your vehicle!

At present, only a few manufacturers produce vehicles dedicated to run on LPG. If you’re interested to switch to LPG contact and they can recommend the right gas conversion kit for your vehicle that’s in your price range. They will also locate a qualified installer located near you and negotiate a great installation price. By choosing you’ll also be protected by a comprehensive warranty that includes parts, engine, and labor.