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Huge range of systems

For all vehicles - petrol + diesel

LPG Conversion Direct is part of a national group that designs and supplies quality LPG conversion systems. This means we have the products and expertise to fit autogas to a wide range of private and commercial vehicles.

Our range includes high-performance vapour injection solutions for recent models (2003+) and economical venturi systems for older vehicles (1990-2003).

Contact us to find out what system will deliver you the best performance and fuel economy.

LPG versus petrol or diesel

Clean, economical and cheaper the more you drive

Compared to petrol or diesel, LPG is in abundant supply in Australia, attracts less government excise and reduces harmful exhaust emissions, making your vehicle more environmentally friendly.

Our proven technology integrates with your engines existing management system - and injects LPG in the same way as petrol. This provides uncompromised or improved performance, as well as outstanding fuel economy.

A petrol to LPG conversion will produce greater cost savings while a diesel to LPG conversion will result in a significant improvement in engine performance.

Contact us to save on installation and fuel costs, as well as to improve your vehicles performance.

Australia's best LPG installers

Save money and get a quality installation

LPG Conversion Direct has a nationwide network of quality approved independent installers. When you contact us directly we can quickly identify the right installers for your vehicle, and then get you the best installation price.

Our national service support team will then organise everything for you and make sure that all work is completed to your satisfaction.

You'll also have the protection of a comprehensive 3-year warranty on your engine, parts and labour. This means that LPG Conversion Direct takes full responsibility for our systems, the work of our installers and any effect that your autogas conversion may have on your engine.

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